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Small baby vs chunky baby

We as breastfeeding mamas stress so often about baby's growth. We constantly obsess about the baby's weight on a scale and ask ourselves, omg did she gain weight?! That's the first thing we wanna know steppin foot in that doctors office. I remember with my first son I used to obsess about it and always wondering is my baby the normal size and scared the pediatrician would say "well he needs to gain weight".

Those words are truly hurtful for a first time mom. Here I am, workin my butt off feeding this baby at all hours of the night and you wanna tell me "still not good enough".


One of the many things I learned after having my first son is there are different growth charts. The growth charts published by the World Health Organization (WHO) are based on the growth of breastfed babies while the growth charts by the Center for Disease Control are based primarily on babies who are formula fed (CDC, 2015).

Therefore, If you are breastfeeding you should ensure that a WHO growth chart is what is being used for your baby.

Also, did you know there are different charts for boys and girls. Makes sense looking back but WOW what an eye opener!

Let's stop worrying about if WE think our baby is too small or trying to "fatten" our babies up. We aint gotta do all that. As long as your baby falls within the chart, that's all that matters.

I have attached the World Health Organization's growth charts to this page. Keep pushin mamas!

Happy Nursing,

Sierra, BSN, RN, CLC, CPST

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Download PDF • 696KB

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